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Student Dormitory

Student dormitory is next to the school buildings on each campus. (Nadi campus 60 rooms / Lautoka campus 40 rooms) There are 2 types of rooms; Room with 1 bed for private preferred student and Room with 4 beds for lively student. Dining room, self-contained kitchen, restrooms and shower rooms are communal. There is also free Wi-Fi available. (The data and speed is limited)


Homestay is recommended for students who want to experience Fijian hospitality. Fijians will be always talking to you since they like chatting. It's also reasonable since the meals are included; 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) during the week and 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on the weekend. It's possible to arrange Homestay that fits your religious status (food and customs). Please fill your requests on a memorandum column on the application form.

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