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Free Bird Institute was established with a unique concept. Like the education in other western countries, people had high motivation in education. FBI developed Homestay homes where students can experience high level of hospitality from Fijians who have the highest index of happiness in the world.


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13 Commercial Street, Namaka, Nadi, Fiji Islands


Study English on a Tropical Paradise

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Welcome to Free Bird Institute!
overview.jpgFree Bird Institute opened its doors in 2014 and has since welcomed over 15,000 students from 29 countries, with each student graduating from the institute with meaningful experiences and memories to last a lifetime. First in the Education Sector and Foreign business to be listed in the South Pacific Stock Exchange, Free Bird Institute is committed to its purpose as a leading institute of learning, playing a vital role to the Fiji and South Pacific Economy. We employ over 100 people and continue to grow with our reputation and enrolment numbers. What began as a formidable employment opportunity for high grade educators in Fiji; has quickly enhanced into a community of Academics, since our establishment in 2014.

Conveniently located in the Tourism hub of Fiji, and the Nadi International airport; the Free Bird Institute Campuses are situated in Nadi and Lautoka. Dubbed the burning West of Fiji; these World-renowned parts of our Islands don a tropical climate and is home to our Award-winning Hotels and Tourism attractions. And Yes! there is a beach nearby, that Yachts and Tourists frequent to visit its stream of Tourist hangouts.

Our approach
In our commitment to delivering the best opportunities of learning for our students, we teach through the ‘Total Immersion Approach’. We believe in enabling our students to live in and learn from an environment where they can interact and practice speaking English freely. It is important to us that our classroom work is advanced through social skills such as Tone, Facial Expressions, Humor and Urban speak; that are developed naturally, and acquired in a way our students can enjoy.
Our Programme provides homestay accommodation where students live with local hosts and learn English with them as well. This offers a once in a lifetime exposure to the diverse cultures that exist in Fiji; all of whom speak English as the primary means of communication for learning, business, and inter-cultural interactions.

Our students
Knowing our students can successfully live, work, and socialize in an English-speaking country is our success! We host and teach English to 2 groups of Students - Language Students and High School Students.
Our Campuses
Free Bird Institute features five (5) different Campus locations – two (2) Language Campuses and three (3) partner High Schools where our High School students enroll and learn English. The proximity of the Campuses is convenient, all of which are located in the Sunny Isles of Fiji.

Located in the Western Division of Fiji, the five (5) campuses are near and around the International airport, and the World Class Tourist attractions of Fiji. In addition to their learning experience, our students can explore Tourism in their new homes, and make living in Fiji a truly once in a lifetime opportunity!

All five (5) Campuses offer on-site Wi-fi connection and school canteens, to cater for as many as three hundred (300) students at Campuses like the Language Campus. Our High School partner schools cater for one hundred (100) students per term (12-13 weeks per term).

Alongside on-site learning services, we also provide Travel desks that students can access for any assistance they may need in exploring our Beautiful home. Fiji is home to some of the World’s best Tourism destinations, and helping our students enjoy these destinations is also part of our commitment to them.

Both campuses have the capability and capacity to host three hundred (300) students in each campus and have onsite Wi-Fi connection, a travel agency for any travel requirement and a school canteen